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Previous Rentals & Testimonials 

  31 Agnes Street, Albion.                      32 Agnes Street, Albion.                                             23 Annie Street, New Farm.

  85 Dornoch Terrace, Highgate Hill.                    27 Bank Street, West End.             79 Moray Street, New Farm.

Hi Craig,

Please see below my testimony. I cannot thank you enough and every word below is truthful.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, my housemate and I had to break the lease at our beloved apartment. Craig was fantastic. Usually Real-estate managers never return calls or go beyond their general duties with tenants, but Craig was completely different. He was transparent and always contactable, went above and beyond to re-lease our apartment and was the most helpful real-estate I have had. It was as though he genuinely cared about our situation and did what he could to assist both us and the owners to get the best outcome for all involved.

 I cannot thank him enough. He saved us a lot of stress and money.

-310/8 Hunt Street, HAMILTON

Lesley Cocks (Senior Case Manager)

Hi Craig,

Below is my genuine and honest truth and testimony of you 😊:

“Craig has assisted and helped me greatly in ensuring my tenant has had a smooth transition from my last real estate agent to his.

He has gone above and beyond when keeping me in touch and in the loop always (understanding that I do shift work and work out of town on a regular basis).  With an electrical fault my apartment had he has visited my tenant before and after business hours within minutes to introduce himself and reassure him it will be quickly rectified and let them in twice after they have locked themselves out and welcomed them to discuss if they have any future issues or concerns about my property.

His genuine passionate nature and excellent 5 star customer service, involving and caring for landlord’s such as myself and their tenants ensuring we all remain happy, should be commended!

Thank you for your hard work and dedication Craig I always appreciate your understanding and patience with me in getting back to you and responding. I can not recommend Craig and his agency enough, nothing is too hard he is always happy to help all, you will not be disappointed!”

Have a nice day!

Kind regards Ivy

😊 I read your other testimonials! I’m very impressed but not surprised given our interactions with you over just a couple of days! I hope that I’ll end up doing more than one for you? I’ll do one relating to moving in as tenants (which I’ll do in the next few weeks) but another when you’ve helped us build a property portfolio!

I’ve long had a dream to become a homeowner (again) and build a portfolio of properties so that we would have income for our retirement (I plan to be a kind landlord!) Gary has taken the mickey out of me for about 11 years and never showed any interest in even buying our own home! Sunday was the first time I saw him really love a property and then start thinking about owning!! A miracle in itself!!

He’s now actually helping me plan our finances (we have credit card debt to pay off first!) and discussing what we could do with our new home once we’ve eventually bought it!! I’m astonished! I think what is key is that he likes you and knows that you’re able to help with various parts of the journey. He’s in love with that view even though it’s never something he’s bothered about in the past!

As Gary turns 39 this month I think we’ll enter a different phase that will see many positive changes and advancements? I hope so anyway as we’ve had some bad luck in the past! I feel like our luck has changed – thank you for everything that you’ve done so far and for helping me feel much more positive about our future!

Many thanks Sarah (Travel Agent)