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Actual view from balcony of my 3rd investment property “Peninsula in Kangaroo Point”

View from apartment at Kangaroo Point, looking across Brisbane River

7 Months ago I returned from the U.K visiting family whilst there my father showed me his pensions and his retirement plans, which certainly hit me what the hell have I got, still renting no properties or major investments for the future. One of the things I had going was a good savings account of around $120,000.

The idea of investment properties had always been there but didn’t really know enough about it just the basics it’s a way of getting bigger tax rebates. As I was paying enough in tax the idea appealed to me.

After listening to people in work talk about investment properties I decided “what the hell” and I got Craig Webb’s number off a work colleague and thought well at least for my own curiosity I’ll see what he has to say. So I rang Craig and the first thing I noticed was his enthusiasm about finances and getting the property market to work for you. He took some basic information income, savings, expenditures etc after about an hour on the phone explaining how investment properties and negative gearing works. I arranged a meeting for the next time I was in Brisbane and put EOI’s on two properties on his current project Rive Apartments Breakfast Creek.

So I met Craig and had a morning workshop where again I had a pad full of questions to make sure I was comfortable with the whole process , and explained the whole network of people that we would use from the people organising the mortgage’s to the company coming into give the apartment a final inspection. After asking a lot of questions we headed off to look at the apartments.

There we had a good walk around the apartments and being prime real estate the fact they wouldn’t rent out doesn’t really come into question one of the apartments I had a EOI on was already rented . The developer went through the whole redevelopment which is planned for Albion and being so close to the CBD you know one day the whole area will take off. That’s the moment I thought “investments properties why not me?” I then signed the contacts on BOTH!! Apartments, well if you’re going to do something why not do it properly I thought!

The Team In Work

So from that time you start to realise what Craig was on about his team at work, with no stress I was contacted by mortgage brokers, solicitors which made everything a breeze before I knew it Rive 77 was now owned by self which to be honest seems pretty surreal. Everything from start to finish was handled by the property managers all correspondences were sent by email which made keeping the progress on both apartments easy to follow.

Defeating The Negative

One of Craig’s sayings “THE ONLY RULE OF FIGHT CLUB IS …?” which means only try and talk to people about property investments that are doing it themselves. A couple of months ago I would have been one of those negative people telling people “what the hell are you doing are you mad?” I had friends of mine say the same thing giving you wrong advice and it did affect me and made me worried. However the best way to use negative comments is to use knowledge to defeat them, the comment you should save up for a house to live in is always defeated by “IN 8 YEARS MY TAX RETURNS WILL PAY FOR MY HOUSE MORTGAGE FREE !!”

All Chips On The Table

After the settlement of both Rive apartments I went to see Craig just to summarise everything about the apartments and just to see if I had everything in order which it was. We talked about maybe looking at one more property and talked about “Peninsula” a Tom Dooley development in Kangaroo Point. Craig’s apartment at the time was built by the same developer so you could see the quality product you would be buying into. After visiting the show room and talking to several people including the people that will eventually take on the management rights, I thought this would be a great place to buy into plus I would take 18 months to be up and running so even the thought of some gains in that time! This was all the chips on the table moment were I put down my 10% and even though it really frightened me being out of a comfort bubble I always had, I was extremely excited.

The Future

I have just returned from Melbourne which I was down there following the British Lions but also gave me the chance to go and see the solicitors and accountants nice to put a face to the voice/email. This was good for my own property investment education getting to ask more questions and gain knowledge. Tax time has just been and with all correspondences done by email made life easier to send off to the accountants , I even had a meeting with Craig just to give it the once over before sending it off Next month Peninsula is due to start construction so that should be good to see every time I cross the storey bridge.

My Summary

The past 7 months have probably been the biggest of my life in the big picture of things, they say buying your first property is the one of the most stressful things you’ll do, not with United Group it’s not!( you should try being married but that’s another story!). I didn’t take the traditional route of buying my own home I done something a little different that gives the opinion of being able to move around I wish without the burden of my own home. This financial year is going to exciting giving my properties and full year to see how it works in the big picture. I know as well Craig is only a phone call/email away for advice or answer a question”

John Watkin

John Watkin

Craig’s knowledge and experience in the industry is second to none. With his expertise we structured our mortgage so that we were able to pay off nearly $100,000 in 12 months without making extra payments! He coupled that with showing us how we could invest in a beautiful property in Glen Iris. Something we never thought possible. Previous to that we felt like we were marking time with our old mortgage, everything we paid off was being eaten up by interest accruing.

Craig is diligent, detailed and has a high level of work ethic. He has superior and comprehensive communication skills which are finely expressed in layman’s terms. Nothing is left to chance and you feel like he is really working hard for YOU. His services do not stop with just sourcing the right property for you but includes helping you with refinancing and all associated legal requirements. He follows up any loose ends and any actions that require immediate attention are always chased down. There are no STUPID questions! Craig is in regular contact to make sure all is going well. He delivers excellent outcomes in a timely, professional and friendly manner. I have no hesitation in recommending Craig and the services he offers.

Luke Donovan

It’s priceless having a friend and mentor like you who can guide us calmly through the storms we will sometimes face on learning about property investing.

“When we married, we both decided that we wanted an extraordinary life. Financial knowledge and education was vital to this vision and so we eagerly sought all the knowledge we could in order to turn our dreams into reality. We spent many of our weekends in seminars, thousands of dollars on education and were serious about getting ahead in property. The one piece missing from our road map was a mentor we really trusted.

Despite our willingness to learn and earn, we had never managed to find that someone who would really spend the time and effort in mentoring us, intimately grasping our situation and providing superior end-to-end service. We don’t aspire to mediocrity and so we didn’t want a mediocre mentor either. We were looking for somebody who would provide extraordinary service not only understanding our situation but really caring about who we were and what we wanted and being with us step-by-step. This search seemed fruitless, but all this changed the instant we met Craig Webb of United Financial Group.

Any serious investor knows that the path to financial success can at times be a school of hard knocks and a steep learning curve. Craig Webb has stood by us shoulder-to-shoulder in the good times and the bad helping us to make good decisions and avoid pitfalls. He provides good old fashion service, is responsive,competent and most of all he cares about you as a client. We can categorically state that we would not be anywhere near where we are today without Craig’s help. We now own four properties and are about to purchase a fifth and we are both in our early thirties. We now consider Craig more than just a service provider. He is a friend. If you want to get results in and are willing to learn what it takes to be successful in property then I would highly suggest you get in touch with Craig of United Financial Group.

100_3583 (1)

Richard and Karolina Fowler

Hi Craig,

A big thanks for selling our property!

Both Allan & I would like to thank you for the wonderful and professional service you have personally provided in selling our property in such a short time.

We hope that someday we could do business with you again in the future in buying or selling property.

Your friends Allan & Tracie Clem

Dear Craig,

Thanks again for your efforts over the past week in assisting us on getting onto the Monopoly board. We are both extremely appreciative of Ben’s and your generosity in allowing us this opportunity.

We look forward to working closely with you over the next few weeks to finalise this transaction and in the future on building our portfolio.



Leigh and Kate Francis

Dear Craig,

I would like to sincerely thank you for your guidance, time and professionalism in helping me to acquire my first investment property. I could never imagine trying to do this on my own, or putting my trust, time and money in the hands of anyone else; as they are a scarcity in these times and people are reluctant to share any of them. Craig, the sincerity and passion you display make people feel at ease and therefore make you trustworthy and approachable. These qualities are a rarity in any of the wealth creation sectors and will truly set you apart from others in your field. I have not known you very long but I sincerely hope we both have a prosperous and fulfilling future and remain good friends and business acquaintances.

Lionel Gollan

My name is Robert Castle and I have had the privilege of knowing Craig for a few years.I have always wanted to get an investment property to have something that my partner and I can pass down to our children,and with Craigs help and guidance I am proud to say I am currently working with him on purchasing the second property of hopefully many more to come. Property as people well know can be daunting and somewhat overwhelming but with Craig’s knowledge,personality,guidance and generosity plus his team of experts he works closely with, the process was quick and easy.Having Craig walk me through everything from the first step to the last has been the difference between continuing to purchase property and throwing it in the too hard or too risky basket.To me having someone who will answer any questions I may have been unsure of or even just setting my mind at ease when I thought I wasn’t able to do certain steps has been one of the many great things working with Craig.I can honestly say there aren’t many people out there with his knowledge and experience that are truly genuine about helping people achieve their goals of getting into property.I consider him a mentor,friend and just a good honest bloke and will continue to learn from and work with for years to come.


Robert Castle

Hi Craig,

I hope you’ve had an enjoyable Silly Season. Mine wasn’t too bad. It’s the time of year when I like to make an effort to thank those who have been particularly important to me during the past year. My experience with United (aka You) was definitely the highlight of my year. To fulfill a dream of investing in property was exhilarating. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise. Wishing you a new year filled with health and happiness.

Fiona testimonial

Fi Squires

Hi Craig,

Please see below my testimony. I cannot thank you enough and every word below is truthful.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, my housemate and I had to break the lease at our beloved apartment. Craig was fantastic. Usually Real-estate managers never return calls or go beyond their general duties with tenants, but Craig was completely different. He was transparent and always contactable, went above and beyond to re-lease our apartment and was the most helpful real-estate I have had. It was as though he genuinely cared about our situation and did what he could to assist both us and the owners to get the best outcome for all involved.

 I cannot thank him enough. He saved us a lot of stress and money.

-310/8 Hunt Street, HAMILTON

Lesley Cocks (Senior Case Manager)

Hi Craig,

Below is my genuine and honest truth and testimony of you 😊:

“Craig has assisted and helped me greatly in ensuring my tenant has had a smooth transition from my last real estate agent to his.

He has gone above and beyond when keeping me in touch and in the loop always (understanding that I do shift work and work out of town on a regular basis).  With an electrical fault my apartment had he has visited my tenant before and after business hours within minutes to introduce himself and reassure him it will be quickly rectified and let them in twice after they have locked themselves out and welcomed them to discuss if they have any future issues or concerns about my property.

His genuine passionate nature and excellent 5 star customer service, involving and caring for landlord’s such as myself and their tenants ensuring we all remain happy, should be commended!

Thank you for your hard work and dedication Craig I always appreciate your understanding and patience with me in getting back to you and responding. I can not recommend Craig and his agency enough, nothing is too hard he is always happy to help all, you will not be disappointed!”

Have a nice day!

Kind regards Ivy

😊 I read your other testimonials! I’m very impressed but not surprised given our interactions with you over just a couple of days! I hope that I’ll end up doing more than one for you? I’ll do one relating to moving in as tenants (which I’ll do in the next few weeks) but another when you’ve helped us build a property portfolio!

I’ve long had a dream to become a homeowner (again) and build a portfolio of properties so that we would have income for our retirement (I plan to be a kind landlord!) Gary has taken the mickey out of me for about 11 years and never showed any interest in even buying our own home! Sunday was the first time I saw him really love a property and then start thinking about owning!! A miracle in itself!!

He’s now actually helping me plan our finances (we have credit card debt to pay off first!) and discussing what we could do with our new home once we’ve eventually bought it!! I’m astonished! I think what is key is that he likes you and knows that you’re able to help with various parts of the journey. He’s in love with that view even though it’s never something he’s bothered about in the past!

As Gary turns 39 this month I think we’ll enter a different phase that will see many positive changes and advancements? I hope so anyway as we’ve had some bad luck in the past! I feel like our luck has changed – thank you for everything that you’ve done so far and for helping me feel much more positive about our future!

Many thanks Sarah (Travel Agent)

Who would have thought that at my age (40 something) I’d still be thinking about purchasing an investment property but not actually acquiring one, well it certainly wasn’t me!

I had all these lofty Ideas about what I was going to own, and where I was going to be at this stage of my life. Unfortunately due to life’s “twists and turns” and a serious lack of property knowledge left me feeling that the race had already started and here I am still lacing up my shoes.

Although at the time I was in a position to leap into the property market, I lacked the knowledge of how to enter and what direction to go. So the whole idea itself had been put on the “to do” list.

Now one afternoon I got talking with a work colleague and close friend of mine. He starts telling me about the investment property market that he’s into. Interested of course I start asking questions about how he managed to get himself into a market that up until then I believed was very hard to crack. So my mate starts to share his account of how he first got started in the property game and the knowledge he gained from a close friend of his. Enter, CRAIG WEBB!

My first conversation with Craig blew me away to be honest. I had no idea that a step into the market was not only attainable but staring me in the face the whole time. Craig’s understanding of the investment market was impressive to say the least but the clincher for me was the fact that he could explain it in such a way that even a layman like myself could grasp.

My fist purchase was a fantastic experience I must say. But I would be lying if I said that I went through the whole process without any doubts or second thoughts. With each step along the way occasionally a lack of knowledge or understanding would see me apply the brakes. But it would only take one phone call to Craig to put my mind at rest. It didn’t seem to matter what time of the day I would call Craig he always found time to speak with me and guide me through each stage. Craig’s willingness and enthusiasm to help me get the settlement over the line is something that I will always appreciate.

I’m happy to say that my first investment property is occupied with good tenants and I’m currently working with Craig on property number two.

“The race is on but I’m well and truly in it now”. Thanks for everything Craig!


Steve Bush

I am writing this brief letter to say “Thanks”. As an accountant in practice for over twenty years, I have become somewhat cynical about the so called services on offer in the wealth building sector. All too often promises are made without any substance, nor any intention of accountability.

That was until I was introduced to your United Financial Group. Not only have you been real, but you’ve been accountable. It’s been more than two years since we met, and in that time I have purchased two properties through your introduction. What really makes me happy is that you ‘are still around, ready to take my call, ready to discuss both opportunities and traps to avoid. You haven’t tried to tell me how to suck lemons, nor have you tried to sell. You’ve given me the opportunity to make informed, calculated, carefully assessed decisions. So, I say “Thanks”. Here’s hoping to more opportunity down the track.

Pelican Waters Seminar 027

Daniel Odd (Accountant)

Just over 6 months ago I started working with Michael Florian, I was 19 and slowly saving with no real purpose or any real goals and going nowhere fast. He started to introduce the idea of investing to me and immediately grabbed my attention, over the next few following months he continued to teach me as much as he could, until one day while working I received a phone call from him and his words to me were “ I got someone for you to talk to”.

That person was Craig Webb, I had no idea who Craig was or what he did but straight away he started to help me and by the end of that very first phone call he had already lined me up with the potential of buying my first investment property! Within 24 hours of that phone call both Craig and Michael had helped me take the property of the market.

During the next three months Craig and Michael helped me every step of the way, no matter how hopeless I was at times they would both always find the time to help and guide me through it. The best thing about them during this time was not only did they help and guide me through it, it was the fact they made sure I understood everything and that I felt completely comfortable with everything that was happening and that I always had the support from both of them.

I have now thanks to these two successfully settled on my property and could not be any happier with the result. If anyone was to ask me 6 months ago if I thought any of this was possible I probably would have laughed but with the help of these two it was all easy and hassle free. I owe everything to these two and I now consider them good friends who I would do anything for, I’m looking forward to continuing this journey with them and hopefully this is just the beginning and that this is just the start of great things to come.

Thank you so much

Mathew Boreland

Craig thanks for all your work. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Many thanks for all your efforts, your mentoring, encouragement and enthusiasm is the deal sealer! I am glad you are a part of it. Here’s to many more.


Jason Townsend

Hi Craig,

Happy New Year! I trust you have had a well deserved break.

Thank you for the congratulations, I am extremely happy that the property has finally settled and I just want you to know that I am overly pleased with the overall outcome regarding the property I have purchased. I know I was extremely skeptical at the beginning of this journey and at times a little difficult, however it has been a huge learning curve and beneficial for my personal development.

The products and services your company have offered since the day we first met have been no less than exceptional. The property in which you provided and selected for me was exactly perfect for my capabilities and financial situation. I honestly believe I have received greater value for money than even first thought, and that is saying something. In the future I will definitely be referring as many people to your company as I possibly can, and I look forward to purchasing many more properties from you in time to come.

I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!


Daniel Homer

13 months ago I was $37,000 in debt and had no saving. After attending a property and investment seminar I decided that I wanted to start real-estate investing. I made a promise to myself that I would start that week and do everything in my power to get going. I contacted Craig Webb and he agreed to meet with me. We met a couple of weeks later at Kallangur were he showed me around some different investment properties. Over lunch we talked about my financial position and the different property options. We came up with a game plan! At this stage I had a lot of work to do as I had no deposit, no savings record, and lots of debt. But that didn’t matter because I had determination! Craig and I decided my best option was a 3 bedroom town house that was to be purchased off the plan. This gave me about 11 months until settlement so I could get my financials in place. Craig negotiated a 5% deposit for me which was great. So I signed the documents and purchased my first house pending finance. I had a lot to do over the next few months! I sold my toys (car, motorbike, and motor) to clear my debts, started saving like crazy, putting money into an untouched account every week to satisfy LMI and to be able to have the cash come settlement time. 9 months later I was able to acquire finance; I also had saved $15000 for 5% deposit, $15,000 for fees and stamp duty, and $22,000 for a 2 month holiday around South America!! My house settled with no problems on the 28th of April 2011! Now I’m in the process of putting together a plan to purchase my second investment property! Thanks so much to Craig and all his help, helping me every step of the way, teaching me and getting me set with my log book. Ur a legend mate!

P.S I wrote the above testimonial last night. Today at lunch time I gave Craig a call for some advice and to discuss the next project! He had some very useful and smart advice and was able to come up with an excellent plan and amazing opportunity for me. Can’t wait to sign the contract on my next investment 😉


Ryan Bender

Dear Craig,

Welcome on-board team Robbo’s.

We appreciate your efforts and help in putting us in the right direction for great life. We look forward to us all building many more assets and fun times together.

Kind Regards and Thank you!

Team Robbo’s

Dear Craig,

Craig Webb. – The man I owe so much to for helping me make a start on my way to financial freedom. Without his expert knowledge and friendship I may still be looking for my first investment property.

While having educated myself on all things property while I was in my final year of university was good enough to get the ball rolling, it wasn’t going to be enough to kick financial goals. In my first year of ‘real’ work and with little money I was lacking the know-how and ‘higher’ knowledge that I needed to get me over the line and into the property market. I’d dealt with several people from companies that claimed to be experts on investment property but ended up being treated like a number rather than a real person. Enter Craig Webb.

After first talking to Craig on that now fateful day, it was immediately apparent that this man was the real deal, and to be honest I think he was more excited about finding me a property than I was! Over the next few weeks Craig empowered me with the missing information and friendly advice I needed to secure that elusive first investment property.

So, I have my first investment property lined up, bye-bye Craig right? WRONG! Even though I already had my first property lined up and was in the process of getting finance, Craig came across a property that was even better and took the initiative to put a hold on it long enough for me to come and inspect it. When I decided to go with the new property instead, Craig already had all the paperwork ready to go. But it didn’t end there. Craig also helped me arrange all those little things like solicitors and accounting which would have been a big hassle had I done it on my own as I wouldn’t have known where to start.

Thanks again Craig, I have learnt so much in such a short amount of time, I couldn’t have done it without you mate. Looking forward to working with you again to secure my second property in 2012. Bring it on!

Future Property Millionaire.

Brad Dewar

Hey Craig,

We just wanted to send a big thank you for all your help with the purchase of our very first investment property, it seemed a daunting task at first however with your expert knowledge on property and finance everything fell into place for us. You always maintained contact with us throughout the whole process making yourself available to explain the process and answer our questions. The quality, attention to detail and location of the property you sourced for us has blown our expectations, and has made us confident in our investment. Your unique “Hand Holding” approach washed away our fears of investing interstate, your referrals to like-minded accountants, solicitors and agents along the way, made our journey a stress free and successful one.

We feel lucky to have finally found someone out there that has a genuine interest in helping people invest in property the correct way, it’s a shame there are not more of you out there.

We highly recommend you Craig at United Group, to anyone looking to invest in property. Thank you.

Kindest Regards,

Daniel and Amanda Lane

Dear Craig,

I am writing this brief letter to let you know how happy and thrilled I am with the purchase of my investment property which you made available to me.

During the acquisition of my property located in Melbourne you were always there to answer any questions I had or to offer support. You still continue to offer this service to me which is very comforting. I would have no problem recommending your services to any member of my family or friends.

I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have financially without your support and guidance. The many resources which you made readily available to me have been second to none. No other investment company was able to provide me with the support and knowledge in which you and your team were able to. I look forward to maintaining a long relationship with you and your team with more opportunity in the future.

Gavin and Cherisa Bellis

For a single woman, buying an investment property on my own was initially a daunting and scary process. That was until I met Craig Webb from United Financial Group. I appreciated the way he walked me through this process without ever patronizing me. He treated me with respect and honoured the fact that buying a house is a big deal. His honest, positive and informed approach to property investment is what appealed to me. I have bought one property this year and plan to buy another in the next few years through Craig. He is dedicated and always accessible and offers a professional and helpful service. I wouldn’t think twice about referring Craig to my friends.

Name and Contact Details available upon request
Having immigrated to Australia from South Africa via the United Kingdom and New Zealand; as the proverbial saying goes “a rolling stone gathers no moss”. At the ripe old age of almost fifty and not much to show for it besides a substantial mortgage and very little in super, we were beginning to wonder if we would ever be able to retire.

In our quest to find a retirement plan, the “Universe” directed us to Craig Webb and his A team (must mention Toby Edmunds too), who have mentored us and worked their magic to set us up with our first investment property, when it seemed almost impossible.

Many, many THANKS to Craig and his Team, we are truly grateful for all your patience, support and guidance in helping make this happen for us.

Nicola Drummond

I would like to say how pleased I was with the sale of my apartment at Karmawaters, Pelican Waters (Caloundra) through United Real Estate (Craig Webb & Liz Havriluk). I initially had listed with a local Real Estate. Unfortunately this did not bring the result I wanted. At the end of that contract, I decided to hand the sale over to Craig & Liz. Within two days of signing with them I had a sale and a quick settlement was arranged. The team worked hard to get this settlement through and on time.

Tania Ashton

For a woman in her late 30’s with a limited vision to the realities of retirement and the financial confidence it demands, along with a very small ‘nest egg’ the realisations of owning my first investment property is almost complete.

Craig Webb has selflessly assisted in the journey of guiding this very opportunity and demands the respect of any potential investor who may consider such an investment out of their reach. If you think that investing in realty is out of your league or not quite right at this time of your life I strongly urge you to take another look at the genuine services on offer at United Group.

Karen Rich

I am writing to say thank you for your help with our recent purchase of an investment property in Queensland. We were novices in this field and you helped us through every stage of the acquisition. There were times when we would have given up our dream but you were there at the end of the phone keeping us going forward. We feel you are a friend of the family now and look forward to visiting you when we visit our unit in Queensland.

Pat and Joren Timberlake

Hi Craig,

Before I head off to bed and start a new work week, I just wanted to say thanks for the weekend, it was great to be able to drive around in the comfort of a bus and view real projects that you source and see first-hand why you choose these locations to invest in. It was also good to listen to some great speakers and meet other like-minded people. I’m also glad we could get a look at our unit in Coorparoo.
I could see the effort you have gone to with putting it all together, I’m glad I made it up to your event…


Daniel Lane

Having immigrated to Australia from South Africa via the United Kingdom and New Zealand; as the proverbial saying goes “a rolling stone gathers no moss”.  At the ripe old age of almost fifty and not much to show for it besides a substantial mortgage and very little in super, we were beginning to wonder if we would ever be able to retire.

In our quest to find a retirement plan, the “Universe” directed us to Craig Webb and his A team (must mention Toby Edmunds too), who have mentored us and worked their magic to set us up with our first investment property, when it seemed almost impossible.

Many, many THANKS to Craig and his Team, we are truly grateful for all your patience, support and guidance in helping make this happen for us.

Yours Sincerely,

Greg, Mel and Amy Wright.

My name is Mick Florian, myself (34 years old) and my wife (30 years old) are both lucky enough to have known Craig since April 2006. Since that first meeting we have continued a strong professional relationship and a great friendship with outstanding results.

In a short amount of time (4 years), with Craig’s guidance and direction, we have built a property portfolio of 4 investment properties, we were able to pay off our mortgage on our own home, which is now debt free and we have substantial savings for any loss of income, to last up to 2 years.

Dani and I are privileged to have the skill set and knowledge from Craig, which allows us to share the journey with many others, who are on board as new, happy clients of United Group. Craig is a very professional, generous and understanding individual who creates a tailor fit for each client, recommending property and loan product that suits, in a reassuring manner.

Like many other clients, Dani and I have been welcomed to stay in Craig’s home many times on the Sunshine Coast and recently at New Farm, when purchasing properties, visiting our investment properties and on one occasion., for our honeymoon! I have also had the opportunity to chaperon new clients with their purchases.

Over the years, I became interested and gained massive insight with my own experiences and helping others that I have taken the opportunity to become a proud and excited director of United Mortgage Solutions. I am newly accredited with most Lenders and I have my diploma and cert IV in financial Services.

In a short time, our lives are on track to becoming financially secure. It has given us the ability to have a family and help our 10 month old boy, Angus to purchase a property in the near future. We are also able to enjoy holidays at our own rental investment property on Bribie Island.


Mick and Dani Florian

6th March 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

It has been five years since we have known Craig Webb, at first as a colleague, and in due course, a valued friend.  We were first introduced to Craig when he came to view Karmawaters, a new apartment complex at Pelican Waters on the Sunshine Coast.  We had not long begun as the Resident Managers and at the time only about eight of the twenty-seven apartments had been sold.  We were assisting the project sales team at the time when Craig enthusiastically offered his services to the developers of Karmawaters, promising to provide suitable clients to invest in the remaining nineteen properties.  We then worked closely with him and his clients as he successfully sold all the remaining apartments.

Craig had already collected a team of property investment professionals that make up the United Group.  He saw the need to create another facet of the services he provides his clients and asked me to join him as a director of United Real Estate Holdings to deal with property sales and property management.  Both Kieron and I have also assisted Craig in a number of successful interstate property investment seminars.

During our acquaintance with Craig, we have found him to be a trustworthy and honest person and a good friend.  He is a great direct communicator with an exceptional work ethic and what we admire most is his absolute passion for providing a caring, holistic, on-going service to his clients in a relaxed, lay-back atmosphere.  To provide the best properties for his clients to invest in, he very carefully handpicks only those developments that tick all the boxes.  He has even recently invested in one of these properties himself.

I would also like to add that, Craig is a compassionate human being with praiseworthy perseverance and ambition.  Let me warn you though, he has a no-nonsense approach and says it like it is.



Kieron and Liz Havriluk
Resident managers
Unit 9 Karmawaters Apartments

42 Pelican Waters Blvd


QLD 4551

8 March 2013

To whom it may concern,

I have had a professional relationship with Craig Webb for the last six years. We were first acquainted when I joined a firm that was dealing with the conveyancing for purchasers of the properties he was marketing. I remember being struck by Craig’s passion for his clients and am still impressed that passion continues today.

Over the years our professional relationship has blossomed and I deal with a large volume of Craig’s clients. These clients are always well informed and surrounded by a team of investment professionals bought together by Craig of which I am delighted to be part of.

All developments that have been presented by Craig have been of exceptional quality which I attribute to his understanding of the market and eye for detail. I believe Craig would be a valuable asset to anyone considering investing in property.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss further.

Yours Sincerely

Sophie Barling


Level 11, 100 Collins Street. Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia
[email protected] 
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